The Reptile Shows of New England Team!

Changing the world one snake at a time.

Eric Erickson - TEAM PYTHON
Eric Erickson - TEAM PYTHONOwner, Performer
Eric, aka “The Reptile Man” is the strong and quiet type, and the one who handles our largest animals, (pictured above with Casper) as well as our scariest ones such as the tarantulas and the scorpions!

Jodi Erickson - TEAM IGUANA
Jodi Erickson - TEAM IGUANAMarketing Manager, Performer
Jodi (pictured above with Bruno) is the clown of the show and a favorite among the younger audiences (and by extension, the parents!) She loves to include the audience into the show as much as possible and always gives out the most outlandish answers to the other handlers’ questions.
Alex Ryan Hartley - TEAM TURTLE
Alex Ryan Hartley - TEAM TURTLEPerformer, Assistant Reptile Handler
Joshua Tyler - TEAM IGUANA
Joshua Tyler - TEAM IGUANAPerformer, Assistant Reptile Handler
Joshua is Emily’s brother, and even though he’s 22 years old, he’s still a kid at heart and mind. He has special needs but has overcome many of the obstacles those disabilities have thrown at him. He’s been with us for a few shows now and is already starting to master the facts! We are very proud of him.
Emily Erickson - TEAM PYTHON
Emily Erickson - TEAM PYTHONFounder, Performer
Emily (pictured above with Draco) is the backbone of the team, the one who started the business! Without Emily we would not have a show. This young lady is very knowledgeable about the animals we work with and has been handling reptiles for over 12 years! (At 21 years old, that’s saying something!)
Herbert Kennen lll - TEAM IGUANA
Herbert Kennen lll - TEAM IGUANAPerformer
Herb (pictured above with Sweet Pea) is one of our assistants and is amazing with the animals, the kids and all audience members. He is kind, and gentile, loves music and writing and aspires to be a singer.
Salsabil Hartley - TEAM TURTLE
Salsabil Hartley - TEAM TURTLEAssistant Reptile Handler
Jack Berkstresser - TEAM PYTHON
Jack Berkstresser - TEAM PYTHONAssistant Reptile Handler