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Reptile Shows of New England Will Travel To New York

If you’ve been racking your brain trying to think of an awesome idea for the next party that you’ll be hosting then we have great news for you. Reptile Shows of New England will travel to New York in order to provide you with a show that people will not soon forget. So, why is a reptile show a great [...]

Our Reptile Show Can Travel To Rhode Island

If you’re looking for ideas for your next party there is something that you should keep in mind. Our reptile show can travel to Rhode Island. That’s right, we will bring the show to you. You do not need to go to a zoo in order to see an awesome reptile show. So, why would you want to host a [...]

A Few Interesting Facts About Ball Pythons

Did you know that ball pythons are one of the most popular breeds of snakes on the planet? Perhaps you are aware of the fact that their scientific name, Python regius, actually translates to royal python. This is based on information that the ball python is believed to be the favorite snake of ancient African royalty who used to wear them [...]

World Snake Day Is Friday July 16th This Year

Did you know that World Snake Day is Friday July 16th this year? So, why do we celebrate this interesting holiday? In essence, the point of World Snake Day is to increase the awareness about the various species of snakes that are located around the globe. Snakes tend to have a negative connotation with people mainly because people are afraid of [...]

Leucistic VS Albino Reptiles

Did you know that there is a difference between leucistic and albino reptiles? A great deal of people often confuse a leucistic animal for an albino one, simply because the animal is all white. This is a very common mistake to make since both of these color traits are caused by a lack of pigments. What is the best way [...]

A Few Myths About Reptiles

It almost goes without saying that reptiles in general have a bad reputation. This may be due to the facts that there are many myths about reptiles that have been making their way through society for thousands of years. Some of these myths are based on facts that are taken out of context and are now a bit incorrect. Other [...]

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